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Gauging interest (x86 only): import your Steam games and launch them from ES

  • Thanks to the awesome Shovel Knight game I created my Steam account and started to deal with this "new" way of playing video games. But I really love to use RetroPie/EmulationStation on my Linux x86 laptop as my gaming center, and I would love to be able to launch Steam games directly from EmulationStation.

    Main goal: automatically fill the Steam "system" in EmulationStation with my Steam games that are able to run on Linux and make them launchable from EmulationStation.

    I started googling about it and looks like the launchbox frontend (Windows) is able to do such thing, then why can't we have this too? :)

    To be honest the only one game I have on Steam is Shovel Knight, then I could do everything needed to launch this game through ES locally. But if there is enough interest here, I could try to achieve that goal I mentioned above and share with the community.

  • I was just talking about this with my Friend Malkil recently. I think it would be awesome. I've purchased tons of games on HumbleBundle that are cross platform, and this would be a nice way to play them!

  • @kaltinril I'm not currently working on this, but I found a trick that maybe you like to know:

    The problem I'm facing is that when I exit the game, the steam keeps running. There's no window, but its icon is on my Linux Mint Cinnamon systray and EmulationStation windows keeps hiden. If I close Steam (right click on that icon and exit) the EmulationStation goes back.

    Maybe a small hack to kill steam after exiting a game can be easy to do, but I'm not giving attention to this currently. Just sharing the trick on that link. :-)

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