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New kind of bartop... Arcade Vertical

  • My new build.... this time the ideia is to build a small cabinet that real work it a positional screen, not a funny sample!

    Inspired by one Rabbit Engineerind product, and by the layout of the competition pro stick.

    Arcade Vertical only, RPi3, LCD 7"
    3 buttons layout (ideal for both hands, left or right hand) central white button is shared.

    More buttons are, Start, Select, Turbo and Clear and one button connect to the GPIOs for clean shutdows.

    and yes i am a southpaw player ;)

    0_1502053915421_2.jpg 0_1502053943754_3.jpg

  • @nasp2000 WOW. That’s an interesting configuration!

    It looks very nicely executed. I don’t think I could get used to the buttons above the joystick, but I think it is a bold choice to go for a vertically mounted display. It is definitely a setup for a specific set of games. Anyone willing to dedicate their design/build to vertical games is OK in my book!

  • @caver01 if you know most of the vertical games use one or two button (Red, Yellow) and it is up to you to use the left or the right buttons. White button are the third one. I think that less than 5% of the games use 4 buttons.

    For me that i am a southpaw player i use my left hand on the button, Here the left buttons. For the others that use the right hand on the button, is better the right buttons.

    I am very happy it this configuration.

    Thanks for the reply!

  • @nasp2000 Yeah, that logic makes a lot of sense. It would still take a little getting used to the arm positions, but that's just me. I really like how your setup looks!

    How are you managing with Emulation Station themes? This would be a weak point I think, as themes are typically built in the horizontal orientation. I am also curious about performance, assuming you are using a rotation command in /boot/config.txt. There have been reports that a 90 degree system rotation can affect performance. Have you seen anything?

  • I should note that on my system, I play all vertical games in their proper orientation from extra controls at the vertical ends. It seems that when the emulator runs vertical games and doesn't have to rotate them there is no performance issues.

    Following that logic, if performance was a real problem with a 90 degree rotation, maybe a theme could be built with all of the graphical elements rotated, even though the system would be running in landscape. That might not work because of text lists. I just don't know ES theme development well enough to know if you can rotate stuff in-theme.

    I was also thinking (wishing) there was a command that could be run that would rotate the screen. I know you can send a command to change resolutions, update the frame buffer etc. but I have not seen a command to rotate outside of boot/config.txt. However, if such a command exists, you could swap back and forth when you launch a game to get performance gains. Just thinking "out loud" here. Maybe I am over-complicating things and the games you intend to play will work fine. I am still curious about ES though.

  • @caver01 yap, i don´t see themes for emulationstation on the vertical mode. I used the attract mode frontend for that because they have more options. Also the boot is more fast...

    Yes i use the config txt rotation. I will try later it no rotation... it only retroarch and theme rotation. But first i need to "catch" a game running more slow to see if are diferences. You now but must of this games run at 60fps it RetroArch, Mame2003 e FBA core.

    Last i will close all the "doors" on the Attract Mode frontend for display only games in three sections, Arcade, Shumps Collection and Favorites. It is not a problem rotate the screen for one or another methode. Like EmulationStation Kids Mode!

  • @caver01 I also see same topics with this rotation problems performances, but i don´t now if affect the frontend or the games, or both.

    It is very easy to rotate the games it Retroarch it the correct aspect ratio. If i use RetroPie boot in horizontal mode, makes no diference because the Attract Mode theme are vertical and the games runs only for RetroArch cores.

  • @nasp2000 said in New kind of bartop... Arcade Vertical:

    the Attract Mode theme are vertical and the games runs only for RetroArch cores.

    That's perfect! I hadn't considered using Attract Mode, and rotating the games via retroarch--performance problems solved.

  • @caver01 today i have test same demand gaming like Ketsui and Raiden 1, and there is no diference to use one or another methode to rotate the games in terms of performance!!

    Maybe the diference is only for Raspberry Model A/B+

  • i bought a competition pro joystick on ebay recently, apart from being very expensive, I cant work out why they are popular, the original one has only one button, just duplicated, and the rubber that surround the shaft is so hard that you cant rest it on a table and play without it moving,

    they are very well built though, and of the three that I have, (two are going to a customer) all of them are in great condition considering their age.

  • @nasp2000 @caver01 I made a hacked version of Metapixel that is vertical, for my little cab (it's an iCade with a Pi in it, I should do a build thread).

  • @rkoster thank you

  • @rkoster said in New kind of bartop... Arcade Vertical:

    @nasp2000 @caver01 I made a hacked version of Metapixel that is vertical, for my little cab (it's an iCade with a Pi in it, I should do a build thread).

    Yes, please do! Also, have you shared your theme? Might be that others could use it or take it as a basis for further development.

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