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New Overlay: U.N. Squadron

  • For Mame ROW #46: just in case this game wins ;-)


    Based on the original arcade Flyer (and CPO).

    The cab had also a nice bezel but , as it often happens, no entire and good quality image is available for free.

    FYI: the japanese version is called Area 88 and there is also an OVA with the same name. Actually don't know if the game comes from the anime or the other way round.


  • You can find this and more hand crafted quality overlays in the rpie-ovl repository.
    And if you want an easy way to install them, @meleu created a great dedicated script.
    Perform these commands on your RetroPie:

    git clone --depth 1
    cd rpie-art

    After launching script you just have to follow the instructions in the dialog boxes. Once you have the rpi-art.shscript, choose the Update option to get all the latest art in the repository.

  • I heard it's based on the manga/anime and it was renamed overseas because of whatever reason.

    And it has a sequel which I only found out about really recently - Carrier Air Wing, I believe. Still haven't played it though.

    Thanks for the overlay as always!

  • @pjft Always interesting to know the background of the games, thanks.
    Also I wasn't aware Carrier Air Wing was the sequel.

  • @udb23 Since I wrote it too hastily, here's an article with a few more details then:

    It is an overall fun game, but I wasn't aware the SNES was actually somewhat different, with more of a RPG vibe to it where you buy new planes. Need to check that out.

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