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pcsx2 on rpi3(sort of) with moonlight

  • I know, it's not possible to run PS2 games on the RPI3. And this title, is "almost" a clickbait.

    After following some tutorials, i've managed to put moonlight-embedded running at the Rpi3. So far so good, i've also put pcsx2 on my pc on the List of apps to be streamed:

    pi@retropie:~/RetroPie/roms/moonlight $ moonlight list
    Searching for server...
    Connect to 192.168.xx.yy...
    1. steamcmd
    2. pcsx2
    3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    4. Broforce
    5. LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes
    6. Terraria
    7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
    8. Steam
    9. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition
    10. The Witness
    11. StarCraft II
    12. LEGO Lord of the Rings

    And with this little script, i can launch pcsx2 but still need to double-click at my computer to go fullscreen.

    pi@retropie:~/RetroPie/roms/moonlight $ cat
    moonlight stream -app "pcsx2" 192.168.xx.yy -720 -input /dev/input/event0 -input /dev/input/event1

    And this is the result, if anyone wants to know(8,8 MB - Audio removed to keep it low sized):
    (also, sorry about the zoom. i was using my knees to hold the celphone... lol)

    Since PCX2 uses Xinput, my controller worked OUT OF THE BOX. Sound worked flawlessly, but video got those lags. Looking at the computer screen and at PCSX2 counters, it was running with 100% speed.

    My question here is: Is there a way to optimize moonlight to use a lower resolution(like 480p instead of 720) or you have any tips to make the video more fluid?

  • Well, issue solved. It seems that moonlight was bringing full desktop streaming to rpi, giving those lags. It was too fast so i didn't noticed. Solved by using a .bat file on Windows to force autoplay and no gui:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 1.4.0\pcsx2.exe" "D:\Jogos\PS2\gta_vicecity_ps2.iso" --nogui --fullscreen

    At the Geforce Experience Tool, click at configurations(little cog at upper right corner), SHIELD menu, Add(Adicionar, Brazilian Portuguese) and point to this bat file and you are good to go. In my case, i have just edited the pcsx2 gamestream entry.


    Now, games are running smooth.

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