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  • Hi all,

    Does anyone succesfully use save states on FBA?
    I only use FBA to play Street fighter arcade games and they all have save issues. I don't get any errors when saving and when loading the save state works fine too, but I can only load the save state as long as I don't quit the game. When I quit and start the game up again and load the save state it freezes. Most games I can still quit during the freeze, but with some I have to unplug the power supply.

    I tried both lr-fbalpha and lr-fbalpha 2012. I also tried installing lr-fbalpha 2012 from both source and binaries, but it didn't make a difference. Everything else works flawlessly. Especially Street Fighter III Second impact is a blast to play in widescreen mode. It really looks beautiful (scanlines and smoothing enabled). But I just wish I could save the game at certain times for practise (for example right before the parry practise game and before Gill).

    I'm using a Pi 3B and I'm on Retropie 4.2, if that helps anyone. I have no issues with all of the other Retroarch based emulators.

  • @bobharris same for me on lr-fbalpha2012

  • Good news! Updating lr-fbalpha from source to the latest version has solved it. It's not perfect: In Street Fighter III Second impact / 3rd strike when you save during a fight, then after loading the save state, the background is messed up, or missing at all. But the game keeps running full speed and after that stage, everything is normal again. (So I just save in between fights.)

  • I think the cps3 save states issue was solved in march, you probably had some early version of fbalpha-libretro

  • @barbudreadmon I did yes. Back then I only updated lr-fbalpha 2012 which didn't improve things.

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