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Amiberry (and Hatari) using only a controller

  • Hello!

    I've had my pi3 for a few months now and am really starting to enjoy playing games (to start with it was very much 'kid in a candy store' trying a game, then quitting it, but I'm now properly playing games), I love it.

    Anyway, I recently installed Amiberry and have only had a quick play with it (I'm lending the pi to someone at work to try) and it's great, but has anyone had a play configuring the control options to allow play only with a controller (I'm using an xbox 360 3rd party one)? From what I've found so far I'd need a button for the mouse button (to quit the inevitable crack intro) and F12 (to quit). There may be other buttons to configure, has anyone done this and if so any recommendations for set up?

    Also, once I've got the pi back I'd like to give Hatari a bash, so I can play Llamatron, the Thalion games, Chaos and all the other ones I loved playing (I realise I'll need a keyboard for Chaos) but again, if anyone's had success with these two using only a controller any advice would be most welcome

    .. And to think I'd only planned to play console only games on this! :)

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