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Afterglow PS3 controller analog left right reversed

  • Hi. I'm having an issue with my PS3 controller for PS1 games. I am trying to get the left analog pad to be my up/down/left/right but when I assign it, left and right are reversed and I don't know how to make it work right.

    Step by step this is what I did:

    Go to Quick Menu -> Controls
    Set "User 1 Analog to Digital Type" = Left Analog

    That's it. The strange thing is that if I assign to Right Analog, it works fine and left and right direction is fine. I've tried to mess around with other settings on the net that I've found but nothing has worked at least from what I've seen. I HAVE NOT messed with config files on the system yet. I want to see if there's something I can do from the GUI before I traipse around in them. This seems like a problem where I shouldn't be the only person having but I didn't find any other questions on this specifically. Does someone know what I'm talking about or a solution to this problem? Again, the left analog stick has it's left and right reversed while the right analog stick is fine.


  • Have you tried reconfiguring that particular pad in the ES input config, and confirm that you have the left/right axis for the left joystick properly configured?

  • I have that controller and found one that has a similar issue. I found that the potetiomimter is bad and reads the opposite direction for the slightest push but corrects itself as you move past the “dead zone”. But it did it only in the up direction. Unforutally es reads that dead zone and registers the wrong direction when your trying to Configure. I say bad controller

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