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  • Hi, sorry for the reply on a dead post here, but I am absolutely baffled with these github instructions. What do I download? Where do I install it on the pi? How do I make a .sh file executable? Right now, my Pi is convinced that my wireless PS3 controller is player 1 ONLY when it's plugged in. I would dearly like to correct this, and this module/update seems to be the ticket. Any further information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  • @koober728 As far as I remember doing it myself, you just enter the three commands listed unter "Installation" in the command console you get to by pressing F4 in Emulation Station. The first will download the installation script, the second will make it executable, the third the second will execute it. All done.

    The only command not listed is one to delete the after successful installation. You can use this one: rm

    You get back to ES from the command line by entering exit edit: or emulationstation.

    edit: Included the changes @meleu did to the Instructions on

  • @clyde I've updated the installation instructions trying to detail and simplify them a little bit. I hope it is more clear for newcommers ;)

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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    Note that RetroPie does have basic joystick order selection built in. Via the configuration editor. Not as extensive as Meleus script but works.

  • @meleu My pleasure. :) Thanks for keeping the instructions as newbie-friendly as possible.

    I wonder if there's any technical difference between starting emulationstation or just exit'ing the shell. I don't have my Pi in working order right now to test it, because I had to disassemble my upright cabinet for the finishing touches.

  • @meleu can this be done at a rom level or is it only possible at an emulator level? Reason I ask is because I built a 4 player arcade cabinet that mainly houses 3-4 player games but I also threw in some of the classics like Donkey Kong, Q-Bert, etc. My joystick order from left to right on the arcade is player 1, 2, 3, and 4. I would like to be able to set player 2 as player 1 when I am playing the classic games and set player 2 as player 1 and player 3 as player 2 on the two player games I have like Mortal Combat so you are using the middle controllers rather than the outside controller.

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    @doughrat19 Have you tried using the RetroArch gui (started with Select + X mid-game) and then re-arranging your controls from the controls section ? Use the 'Save game remap' function and if it works it could save the mapping for the game.

  • @mitu, right now my roms are a mess. I’m a newbie and learning as I go. I have multiple versions of roms that I am running on multiple emulators, not all libretro. I am going to do a cleanup and make sure all my roms are MAME 0.78 and use lr-mame2003 to run them. I will give your method a shot. One question though, controller 1 (port 0) has the ability to exit out of the games. If I map everything to controller 2 to make it player 1, will it have that ability or will it still be tied to port 0?

    I actually came across this thread because I am building a system for my buddy who is currently stationed in Afghanistan, I’m going to ship it over to him. I got a SNES raspberry pi case with functional ports in the front of the case. It’s moves ports 2 and 3 to the front of the case (ports 0 and 1 are on the side). This thread was extremely helpful in allowing me to change port 2 to player 1, port 3 to player 2, port 0 to player 3 and port 1 to player 4.

  • This is now built into the Retro Pie Configuration Editor.

    Configuration Editor -> 1) Configure basic libretro emulator options -> Pick your system or pick default for all -> 7) Choose joypad order.

    From there just pick your order and you are good to go!

  • @Mr_Fix_It Thanks sooo much for this man I've been pulling my hair out for days with these bloody controllers. :)

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