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Using GPIO for Digital and Teensy for Analog Stick. Is it possible?

  • Hi, I'm currently working on a Retropie handheld console project with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and I'm using this as gamepad ( connected to the Raspberry Pi via GPIO and it works fine with Retropie, but since I have a Teensy LC and 2 PSP analog sticks I was wondering if it is possible to use both GPIO and the teensy as gamepad in Retropie...

    If so, how? The analog sticks works fine according to Windows (Arduino program this as Serial/Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick) but the Raspberry Pi 3/Retropie doesn't detect anything when I move the analog stick on "Configure Input" (connected via USB)

    I'm kind of a newbie with this, sorry if I'm asking a stupid question...

  • Retropie detects 2 gamepads when I connect the Teensy with the 2 analog sticks, but I can't configure any input when I move the PSP sticks. Any idea? :/

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