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Web hiscore board

  • At work a coworker built an arcade cab for everyone in the office to enjoy a few weeks back and it's been a welcome edition to the office.

    I took over the software side of things so it's running current retropie, pixel theme and most of the games played are on mame2003 as I enjoy saved hiscore states for competition. I came in one day and noticed someone had dared to beat my galaga score (which isn't very high but highest in the office) and I quickly fought to get it back. After a few tries I was successful but I couldn't just leave it at that....

    So I decided to add a web service to the cabinet that displayed the current hiscores of 4 games so one could simply e-mail a link to show an opponent they've been defeated and that the gauntlet was thrown.

    Below are screenshots of the result:

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    Well that's an interesting implementation. My office would never let me have anything cool.

  • Before this we mostly played rod hockey and I had a rank/scoresheet I made in Excel which we kept posted to keep track of who was the best each month.

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