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[SOLVED] Weird scraping/gamelist issue with my Atari 2600 games

  • I originally wanted to scrape my Atari 2600 games with XML scraper V2 but it doesn't show any of the pictures in ES even if they're all present in the /downloaded_images/ folder and the gamelist.xml seemed correct. That's the first thing i was puzzled about.

    I then re-scraped using the built-in scraper and now it shows the cover picture for every game (even though this is not what i was going for since XML scraper managed the layout i wanted).

    Then i just deleted the gamelist.xml file in my Atari2600 folder along with all the pictures in /downloaded_images/Atari2600/ , i restarted the Pi, and yet all the games metadatas are still showing in ES for every game except for the picture. Is that even possible? Where would these metadata be stored if there are no gamelist.xml? :( Is there a hiden temporary file somewhere? Does the Atari 2600 shares some files with another system? I just don't understand...

    (btw, using RetroPie 4.3 from official website on Pi3 model B.)
    (after other tries, i even managed to have XML scraper V2 to create the gamelist.xml with url pointing to their .png picture, yet ES still shows the .jpg picture of the built-in scraper instead, as if it was ignoring the gamelist.xml generated by XML Scraper V2 and using another one..) I'm at loss...

  • I'm assuming you've restarted your system after deleting the files?

    Also, I just noticed your directory as "Atari2600". If I'm not mistaken, I believe it is supposed to be lowercase "atari2600". You may want to make sure that the path in the gamelist.xml file and the actual path of the file are exactly the same (including case).

    Good luck!

  • @aphex gamelist.xml files can exist in 2 places , inside each system's roms folder and also in /home/pi/.emulationstation/gamelists/. If you delete one it will probably default to the other.

  • @jell yes, sorry for having described my problem poorly, it is all in lowercase indeed (downloaded_images, rom folder, gamelist folder and all the path references)

    @jonnykesh you nailed it... just wow... i thought gamelist files were only located in the specific /gamelists/xxx/ folder and never noticed there could be one inside the /roms/xxx/ folder as well. I always worked with the former one. Now i feel stupid. I guess having spent an entire day on that is punishment enough. While i was also thinking of a possible second gamelist file, i initiated a file search via WinSCP from root directory and it would only show me the ones located in ./opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/gamelists/xxx/ I now figured the one in the /roms/xxx/ folder is optionnal but will take priority over the one in /gamelists/xxx/ folder.

    Thanks guys!

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