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Displaying Consoles - How Many - Which Ones?

  • After picking up a CRT the other week, I'm thinking about making a shelf and displaying my older consoles instead of just keeping them in storage and pulling them out once in a while to play.

    I'm wondering how those of you who have multiple consoles displayed are doing it, and how many you have out.

    I am leaning toward displaying one variant of a given system (for example, not a NES toaster and a top loader, just one or the other), but I'm also not wanting to build a piece of furniture and then think "Oh man, I bought another console and now I have nowhere to put it."

    Right now I have the following consoles:

    • NES (non-top loader)
    • Super NES (from when I was a kid)
    • Genesis - Model 1
    • Genesis - Model 2 (x2, because why not)
    • Game Cube
    • Wii
    • PlayStation 2
    • Super Famicom with a Pi inside

    I am leaning toward getting the following:

    • Famicom AV (HVC-101)
    • Nintendo 64

    I'm really not into modern gaming very much. The PlayStation 2 is backward compatible with PlayStation 1 games, so that covers me there. Am I missing something obvious? Is it worth picking up a Wii U or Switch?

  • I got a few setups around my house, both retro and modern. Here is a list:
    The key is input switch boxes, and get a lot of them

    List will be system and then how its connected


    • PS3 Slim (HDMI)
    • Wii (Component)
    • Nintendo Switch (HDMI)
    • Raspberry Pi 3 (HDMI)

    All HDMI devices go into a automatic switch box, which goes to TV


    • PS One (AV)
    • Front Loader NES (AV)
    • 4 Switch Atari 2600
    • Cabinet of Plug and Play systems (AV)

    Consoles go in to AV switcher and to TV

    Living Room:

    • Wii U (HDMI)

    And I'd say get a Nintendo Switch, its awesome so far and I love it. Been sinking time into Golf Story which is like Earthbound.

  • @obsidianspider
    The wii u is great, if you can get one for a good price go for it. It's game library is a bit limited but i've really enjoyed every one of the exclusives for it. I think a lot of the games will eventually appear on the switch but certain games either wouldn't work or wouldn't be the same without the tv and gamepad combo. It's also fully backward compatible with wii games which is a bonus.

  • @obsidianspider You need a Sega Master System. It may not have been huge in the US but it was a big deal in Europe, Asia and South America. Sega's first big push into home gaming outside of Japan. Plus I like the aesthetics of it.
    You also need an Atari 2600. Because Atari. And electronics with wood panelling are cool as .

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