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Rearrange Consoles and Collections in ES?

  • Pi Model or other hardware: 3b
    Power Supply used: 2.5v
    RetroPie Version 4.3
    ES: V2.6.3RP
    Theme: Comic Book

    Hi all,

    In Emulation Station, I'm using the Comic Book theme. I wanted to rearrange the console/collection list on the main screen.

    I switched around the consoles, using es_systems.cfg, in the following folders:


    This helped move around the consoles appropriately. However, how do I move around the "automatic game collections" (All Games, Last Played and Favorites) and "custom game collections" (Nintendo Hacks and Super Nintendo Hacks)? They look to be in alphabetical order.

    The only way I have sorted everything was to enable "sort custom collections and consoles". When this is enabled, it does not keep the arrangement of my consoles: which were changed in both instances of es_systems.cfg.

    Any ideas or help is appreciated.

  • administrators

    @wombat You can't move the automatic collections around afaik.

  • This is what I did.

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