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New fail safe for updating?

  • Alright so tonight I decided to update my retropie and I see that we are at 4.3.3 for setup script. Well when I did I noticed that when I was pressing a button on my controller to continue it wouldn't proceed to the next screen for updating after I updated setup script. It wasn't until I plugged in my USB keyboard that I could continue by pressing enter.

    So I ask is this a new feature implemented now as a fail safe for updating or is it a minor bug? Since when I usually update I do so through emulation station.

  • @redbatman A pad that suddenly stops working is not a feature-_-;
    This happened in the past when devs issued an update that broke controls in retropie-setup and it was later fixed.

  • @darksavior Well I know it sounds like a dumb question. But I remember seeing posts where devs were trying to make the pi "idiot proof" so I thought it was one of those steps.

    But since I'm wrong, I hope the devs see this post so that a fix may be implemented soon.

  • administrators

    I think I know the cause. Will sort.

  • Updated today and have the same issue.

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