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PSX Scraping

  • Hey all!

    Trying to get my PSX collection cleaned up as far as the scraped images / info goes. It seems that every scraper I use, it pulls mostly PAL covers for PSX games.

    Anyone have a recommendation for the best scraper / source for scraping US PSX games?


    Does any scraper have this source? This seems to be one of the most comprehensive sources I can find for PSX games.

  • I just used the built-in scraper for mine and had good results.

  • @tropez Really? Getting either a lot of PAL covers or covers that are stretched too far beyond their pixels and look terrible. :(

  • So I ended up downloading the Hyperspin 2D cover set and it worked incredibly for this purpose.

    I do have one question though: We used to be able to scrape folders and add metadata to the folder itself. For example, for multi-disc PSX games, I'd put both discs in a folder and scrape the folder to have the metadata displayed when highlighted in the gamelist. Every time I try and do that now though, ES crashes and I get the following error...

    "lv10: TheGamesDBRequest - Error parsing XML.
    Start-end tags mismatch
    terminate called after throwing an insyance of 'std::out_of_range'
    what(): map::at

    Does anyone know if attaching metadata to a folder was removed recently? I am currently running 4.3.8.

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