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Only some videos in snaps folder displaying automatically

  • Hi all.

    I've set up a handful of Scumm games in RP, and I wanted to add video previews.

    I dropped them in the 'snaps' folder in my Scummvm directory, and some played immediately in the game menu. I noticed these were the ones that followed the naming convention required by images (boxart), minus the '-image' part, so I renamed my other videos to match this convention...but still they don't display.

    I had a similar issue with my images, which I got around by using the 'edit metadata' and manually adding the path for each game. But it was weird, they were named and placed exactly as required in the 'gamelist xml' file, and while some worked, some didnt. With videos it's more like a couple worked, most don't (and there isn't any mention of the path in the XML, so I'm just following the best logic I can based on the ones that worked).

    I could go through and manually add the path for each one, but with around 20 games this is a long and boring job. Plus I'm curious to see where the issue is, the logic seems inconsistent to me currently!

    If anyone could shed any light it would make my day, and probably save me 3/4 of an hour.

    I'm on 4.3 using the 'CRT' theme.

    Thanks for looking!

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