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Ghost inputs driving me batty....

  • These ghost inputs are driving me batty. I have a few questions for you guys regarding that.

    • When registering bluetooth devices, does the initial security mode matter at all as long as it works? For instance, if you go to connect a controller and choose DisplayYesNo or NoInputNoOutput does that matter in the future or only for the initial connection? Could this have any effect on ghost inputs?

    • A few people suggested external dongles instead of the on-board Bluetooth to fix the issue, while others say it doesn't matter. Anyone had experience with this and is there a guide for disabling the on board Bluetooth and enabling a USB Bluetooth adapter instead (I have one arriving today).

    Thanks in advance!

    Okay, off to play this game my RetroPie just started on it's own while I was typing this message, looks like StarTropics it is....

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