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Tv won't turn on and off together with Rpi3

  • Hi, i am building an arcade and i am at the software setup stuff right now.I have retropie good and running even tested a game so mostly everything works fine,it's just that when i plug the pi and it starts to boot itself, the tv i have it connected with (hdmi) won't turn on or off respectively when i shutdown Rpi .When i had the same tv connected to a pc it worked as expected though so i know it's capable of doing that.
    I have on the config file hdmi_force_hotplug=1 enabled doesnt seem to help ,also i have tried config_hdmi_boost=x up to 8 and am not sure if it is safe for the pi to go any higher. Any suggestions?

  • I do not think the HDMI on the RPi is CEC compliant, that is, it cannot control the TV's ON/OFF function. Check to see if your TV has a way to scan CEC compliant devices connected to it. If the RPI (when connected to the TV via HDMI) does not show on the list of devices after you scanned for it then it is not CEC compliant.
    Also, the RPi when it shutsdown does not fully turn OFF, power is atill connected to it unless the source is unplugged. Your PC's HDMI port is CEC compliant and the TV recognizes it as such and will has the capability to control turn On/Off the TV when it is turn ON/OFF.

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    @ortsac said in Tv won't turn on and off together with Rpi3:

    I do not think the HDMI on the RPi is CEC compliant, that is, it cannot control the TV's ON/OFF function.

    You are mistaken. When I turn off Kodi on my pi for example it turns off my tv.

  • my tv is kinda old ,so i guess that's a feature not coming with my tv (at least 10 year old) ,model is a samsung LE22S81B i searched for specification but couldn't find anything about it, for now at least .So is it safe to assume that it is a tv problem and there is no way for me, to program it through the pi to open the tv, while its booting?:P.If yes i am gonna have to live with it i suppose not that of a big deal kinda annoying aesheticly but ,no money to get another tv ,was happy to have that one lying around to use xD

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    @thetrip even if your TV doesn't support cec you could get jiggy with some electronic wizardry and have something inline with your power cable that turns it on with some Python. Though a new TV may be simpler if you don't want to think too hard ;)

  • @herb_fargus seems nice! i will have a look into it ,if it gets too costly or troublesome i will leave it as is,otherwise if i proceed with that i will get back and post what i did with it ,thanks for the suggestion:)

  • so ,i was kinda overloaded with stuff didn't realy proceed with what i posted, i am back to making the arcade now ,still i am fazed with this problem ,since i am gonna be making a shutdown/boot button for the pi,if i connect in parrallel to this connection the button that you push to manually open the TV is it gonna work ?.My main concern is frying the pi due to the tv being a higher power device ,should i use a relay for that kind of work?.

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