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Video snap problems! (some snaps not always playing, not always with same volume)

  • @pjft I'm a bit confused. You mean when I play the snap outside of EmuStation? As far as I know, the snap plays with the same volume every time I open it whether in VLC or in the Windows standard player (though I think VLC is louder by default). I don't know if VLC is what plays the snap inside EmuStation?

    Sry, I may be misunderstanding you here

  • @jenslyn87 sure. I mean if you disable OMX player in ES. Then it'll use VLC.

  • @pjft I see! I wonder if that couldn't somehow explain it. Perhaps whenever I get the loud volume it's because the OMX player somehow disables and VLC kicks in?

  • @jenslyn87 That's not really how it works, though it could be an option. :)

    In this case, please disable OMX Player in the "Other Settings" and see if you can still replicate the volume issue with VLC. Also, please check whether the volume with VLC is significantly different to the OMX one. I haven't had the chance to test this out on my end, but any more info would help.

    Also, if you can set your volume to 100 and see if you can still replicate it in OMX Player, that would also be helpful for me to try to understand what may be happening.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: just saw your video. Thank you. That is quite noticeable indeed, wow. I'm utterly puzzled as to what may be happening. What buttons are you using to navigate - up and down? R1 and L1? What EmulationStation version are you on? You can see that by entering the "start" menu - it'll show the version on the bottom.

    Also, I just read your issue about a snap not playing and then playing, and that you can consistently replicate this.

    Are you comfortable-ish with running something via SSH for us to better investigate this? That also eludes me.


  • @pjft Thanks for all your help, pjft! Appreciate it!

    I've tried to replicate the issue without OMX enabled. Doesn't seem to happen, but I could be wrong. I can only scroll for a short while before my pie overheats with it off :/ Volume seems to be identical or near-identical, though.

    Will set volume to 100 now and see whether that changes anything.

    Using up and down to navigate. Emustation says '2.6.5 RP'.

    I don't know what running something via SSh means, sry!

  • @pjft OK, went through a lot of games with volume set to 100 and didn't experience the problem. So I guess you're onto something. Somehow, some of the snaps I scrolled through must've set my volume to 100 ... Nothing I can make sense of, that's for sure. I'll scroll through many more games when I get some time tomorrow to confirm that indeed the problem isn't there with the volume set to 100!

    With regard to the snaps not playing problem, that may have a rather more simple explanation. I deleted a couple of PSX games I had on the pie because the card was almost 100 % full. Since then - and, I assume, because of that - the snaps have been playing just fine. So I figure it was a space issue.

  • @jenslyn87 thanks for the updates. I suppose I'll have to check this at 80% volume and see if anything strange happens. Out of curiosity, the VLC volume is the same as your "loud" OMX volume, or the same as your "quiet" OMX volume?

  • @pjft Same as 'quiet' OMX volume! I think somehow the loud snaps must've turned my volume setting from 80 to 100 %. If I'm not completely mistaken, it's the same jump I experience between those two settings. It's really very noticeable, as you could hear in the video

  • @jenslyn87 just to confirm, did you manage to update EmulationStation? Can you update it, as 2.7.1 was just released, and check for whether the behavior still stands? I tried to replicate on my end but had no luck, and I know I did a fix for the audio on OMX recently so it might be that that is already fixed in the latest versions?

  • @pjft I did it just now and I can confirm the problem is solved, OMX is working fine, same behaviour as VLC.
    There's still a volume difference between each single videosnap, of course because every video has its own volume.
    I don't know if it's possible but it could be great to have an general normalise audio function used to keep the volume level more or less constant between each video.

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