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Will there be a JzIntv conversion to libretro?

  • Hi, I've been using my setup for 2 years now, no issues. I was trawling the INTV forum at Atari Age and was asked to bring this question over here to ask the experts.

    Any chance for a Libretro conversion for JzIntv? It's in need of it. Presently (as everyone that uses it already knows) the stand-alone is great and once setup, works flawlessly, but is missing many key elements/advantages of being an "lr-" emulator. Mainly a menu driven config, and being able to use flters and shaders. Loading JZIntv into a retropie build is super easy, however configuring and tweaking it can be a dog.

    Having said that, is there any plans to do the conversion?



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    We don't do any libretro core dev short of minor patches. You may have better luck on the libretro forums.

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