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Transfer Save Files from GBA and GB Color cartridges to ROMs/RetroPie?

  • Any streamlined and established process for getting this done? Just need to know what I need and the basic outline of how. Would be REALLY appreciated. Obviously the steps would be getting the ROM/save file off of the cartridge and onto the PC, parsing the relevant data/file if necessary, converting it to the RetroArch-compatible format (again, if necessary), and transferring it properly to the RetroPie/SD card (wherever the save files on the ROMs are actually read from).

    Found many things searching, none of which was very definitive. I can't imagine being the first one to want to know this XD

    Thanks in advance!

  • I would say that with today's technology yes, though it would be near impossible to do so without connecting the game cartridge to the computer :). So unless you have some sort of GBA-2-USB adapter, I would say no.

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