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Neo Geo Bios files not separated in provided DAT

  • I am using the FB Alpha v0.2.97.42 DAT (Neo Geo only) from the FBA Wiki to verify my roms with clrmamepro.

    The DAT does not have a separate instead it puts the needed bios files into the game rom zips.

    Is this the proper way? Since in the past the bios files had to be in the
    The Neo Geo Wiki also speaks of

  • Global Moderator

    @xadox i believe the dat doesn't matter in this case. when rebuilding a romset, it's up to the user to say if it's split/merged/non-merged, and that determines how the files are structured.

    in any case, it shouldn't matter - lr-fbalpha will run them either with a seperate or with the files integrated in.

  • The DAT matters. Since there is also the information how to handle the files if split or merged. The DAT from the wiki disables splitting or merging, so the user has no choice:

    alt text

    Yeah they are working, but the information in the wiki sould be updated.
    Since for begginers it could be confusing.

  • Global Moderator

    fair enough. please edit the wiki if you can find a nice way of including that information.

    for me those customized .dats probably shouldn't be used by beginners at all. the beginner approach should always be to put the right romset in the right folder and not mess about with dats or clrmamepro at all :)

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