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Kodi Version in Retropie

  • Pi Model or other hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
    Power Supply used: DC 5V 2.5A
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.3
    Built From: Pre made SD Image on RetroPie website
    USB Devices connected: USB Xbox One Controller
    Controller used: Xbox One Controller
    Error messages received:
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant):
    Guide used:
    File: (File with issue - with FULL path)
    Emulator: ES
    How to replicate the problem:

    Yes. I am attempting to install Kodi w/in my retropie setup. The issue I am experiencing is when I go to launch Kodi from Ports menu my screen goes black. I turn off TV and turn back on and Kodi is up. Now it tells me to update Kodi. Before I am allowed to update Kodi to latest version, my controller stops working and Kodi freezes. Then I need to restart raspberry pi 3 to get back to retropie screen.

    So my question is how can I install latest version of Kodi so I do not need update from within retropie? No matter what I do, the above scenario happens every single time. At this time, I do not have a mouse/keyboard so I have set up SSH. Regardless, the same thing keeps happening. Does anyone know how I can get Kodi up and running within retropie or can point me to some tutorials.

    Thanks in adance.

  • @rush The latest version of Kodi available is 17.4 (compiled Sep 13 2017)and it works well. I have it installed on 2 Pis that are running it at this very moment. I'm not sure what your specific issue is but some log files or crash logs are going to be needed if you want a solution.

  • @rush Which version of xbox driver are you using ? Use xpad (it comes pre-installed with RetroPie), don't use xboxdrv, it has issues atleast with Kodi.
    If you still have problems, post your Kodi log:

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