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  • All,

    I have received a new Odroid XU4 starter kit and installed Ubuntu 16.04 on the emmc. I have only connected an ethernet cable and a usb adaptor for a wireless keyboard and mouse. I followed the Retropie installation instructions for odroid xu4 and have installed Retropie 4.3.5 from the command line in Ubuntu using the setup script (I updated this before installation first using "Update Retropie-Setup script"). The core and main packages all installed fine and I can boot to the command line interface and launch emulationstation and play games I have added to the zxspectrum roms folder. I have received no errors during installation or when using emulationstation.

    Next I would like to install dosbox and scummvm but these are not listed in any of the options in the setup script (installed or not) under "manage packages". From prior experience with Retropie on a Pi3 I expect these to be in the "manage optional packages" list but they are not anywhere to be seen. Also no roms folders are present for PC or scummvm, so I suspect that they are not installed.

    I can install these two emulators using sudo apt-get but prefer that I can run these via retropie.

    Any ideas?

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    @danieltanner Neither of those RetroPie modules are enabled/working on the Odroid-xu4 currently. Scummvm may well work, but I've not tested (Would need a code change to enable to test)

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    @danieltanner Not all packages are available for all platforms, that's why you might have seen them on a PI3 system, but not on an Odroid. For instance, the scummvm package has the !mali flag attached, which means the package is not available for platforms with the mali flag :
    In your case, the Odroid system has the mali flag, hence the package is not available for it:

    TL;DR - not all packages that are working on a PI3 are working and available on an Odroid system.

  • Brilliant,
    Thanks for letting me know so quickly. I will install and configure these emulators outside of Retropie using sudo apt-get install.
    I will keep tracking this in case they may be ported to the XU4 in the future.

    Thanks all!

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