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Getting Brutal Doom To Run WELL?

  • Im kinda curious to see if any one here gotton Brutal Doom to run nicely??
    I mean it runs but all the blood and gun smoke/effects make it lag pretty bad and the over the top explosions too but i believe if you edit the pk3 and remove those it run pretty darn good..
    I know theres a small Raspberry Pi doom community here :P and i was wondering if anyone gotton it to run good and can send it to me..
    I myself have been looking at editing the mods but i seen to keep breaking them if i mess with it lol
    Im suprised it runs if you remove those effects OR even decrease it some how itll run at like 40-60fps Def playable because Its already 60 now untill all the gun effects now if you can make the effects vanilla style or even remove it we will have Brutal Doom Pi Edition hahaha kinda cool if you think about it to have Its own optimized version of it for the pi..

    Maybe we can make it happen i know theres a small doom community here on the pi so why not some how get together and try to optimized brut doom for the pi as much as possible kinda like they did with Minecraft but with all features intact with just reduced effects or removed effects optimal play...

    Man if i only knew how to do this or i would of already..

    Also if some one not been aware yet the new version of brutal just came out brutal doom v21 beta and Its really awesome to bad the effects kill the experience for me cause the pi cant handle it..
    Its weird tho like 60 FPS untill theres gun smoke then it tanks down lol to me ill rather have the smoke gone then keep it but like i said dont know how maybe one of you did it?

    Anyway sorry for long post guys


    I deleted the smoke graphics, dirt graphics, the big explosion sound effects, and some other little stuff. No idea how to edit it properly, I can't into "Decorate", so it's probably logging errors, but it DOES run better.

    I used Slade for the quick and dirty.

  • @jcook84 wow thanks brother i Will try this right now haha awesome

    Just tried it man it runs actually pretty darm good now :O thanks i appreciate alot..
    Its actually pretty playable now also especially of you reduce the settings the de als and particuliere sliders it runs exellent even with lots of enemies on maps like hell revealed Its where i tested it on :)

    Im gonna call this the Pi version of Brutal Doom

  • The pi3 is powerful enough to run Brutal Doom at 60 fps with all effects on. There must be some bug in the zdoom port that slows down those effects...

  • @RetroFreak89 hey man, so you get this to work? I just did but I can't get rid of this big colord square just at the middle of the screen, which shows your life stats by changing its color. How can I just disable it? @jcook84 any ideas?

  • @mahcneto you can change it to a small square in the brutal doom settings. You can also make it a solid color. I made it just a small black square to make it as inconspicuous as possible

  • @mahcneto
    Force default crosshairs? You can mess around with other HUD settings too. Alot of the HUDs are meant for GZdoom (opengl) so they look odd in software rendering.

  • There's a spot in brutal doom, where in Doom 2, you have a bunch of barrels. It's early on in the game. The game will lag when they explode even on a i7 7700k with a gtx 980.

  • @sgtjimmyrustles really? I know as a kid I could play doom without any lag or frame drops on an IBM ThinkPad laptop. You would think if the graphics/game improved along with the hardware it would still handle as good as doom95 on an old laptop.

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    He's referring to a very specific and isolated part of 'Doom II' when used in conjunction with the 'Brutal Doom' mod. I've played 'Doom' through 'Final Doom' using 'Brutal Doom' and don't recall another instance where there was a problem. The issue could probably be ironed out with an update.

  • @throwaway1234567 Sure, that would be true if you'd be playing the original Doom, but we're talking about a source port with enhanced capabilities and new mods that use those capabilities to the fullest. See this post from the ZDoom developers on the matter

    You might think - "Doom is an old game. All I ever need is Doom." That's fine. Doom can run on old systems. But not GZDoom. The point of GZDoom is to run Doom on modern hardware, using modern rendering techniques that are more efficient on modern computers. It turns out that in many cases, the techniques that are best suited for modern computers are ill suited for, or even entirely incompatible with, old hardware. And inversely, optimizations that made sense on old computers can be counter-productive on modern hardware.

  • can i ask is every one hear on retropie 4.4 because i cant get brutal doom to start at all, i have even tried your retro pie add on 0.1 @rsn8887, with doom.wad and doom2.wad and still nothing, strife voices, hexdd, chex 2 all load their mods fine but they are stored as.wad not .pk3 is anybody able to point me in the right direction? (pi3) id be very grateful

  • @jcook84 I'm interested, how can i use this file? Must drop on Doom folder?

  • @8bitkid @DarishZone here is an example of my brutal doom setup in the emulators.cfg. i use brutal doom on a ton of games. i made separate entries so i can play the games several different ways.

    brutalzdoom = "/opt/retropie/ports/zdoom/zdoom -iwad /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/doom/doom1.wad -file /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/doom/brutalv20b.pk3"

  • @edmaul69
    i just get a launch command screen that wont take controller input it asks me to select a default emulator options
    1 wich is blank and does nothing
    2 wich is brutalzdoom then i get a black screen as if zdoom was going to start but after 5/10 seconds back to emulationstation im sorry to be a pain but im a huge doom fan and this would mean a lot to me.

    so my Doom - Brutal
    is at

    /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/doom/Doom/Mods/Doom - Brutal

    and looks like

    "/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/" 0 PORT brutalzdoom

    i copied your emulators.cfg to /opt/retropie/configs/ports/brutalzdoom

    so it now looks like this (the adresses of doom and the .pk3 are correct)

    brutalzdoom = "/opt/retropie/ports/zdoom/zdoom -iwad /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/doom/Doom/doom.wad -file /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/doom/Doom/Mods/brutalv20b.pk3"

    brutalzdoom = "/opt/retropie/ports/zdoom/zdoom -iwad /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/doom/Doom/doom.wad -file /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/doom/Doom/Mods/brutalv20b.pk3"

    if you can see whare ive gone wrong id be super greatfull dude :)

  • Can lr-pboom handle this?

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    ZDoom is required to play 'Brutal Doom' on RetroPie.

  • Ok, thank you!

  • @8bitkid why is your wads in /roms/doom/Doom/? Do you not keep them in /roms/ports/doom/? Also when you changed the emulators.cfg you needed to also add the line

    default = “brutalzdoom”

  • thanks ill go try edit the cfg again and post my results, i don't keep them in ports doom although i have tried that (with the corresponding changes to cfg and .sh) in the hopes that BD would work that way but it didn't make any difference.

    i have them separate as i have doom as its own system in es with the doom logo for art.
    i use it to collect all my classic fps games via shortcut so duked 3d hexen etc as well as a bunch of dos based fps like blood, shadow warrior, blake stone, etc.
    i just really love those games and i didn't like having them all mixed into ports with zelda clones/ commander keen and whatever else is in ports or dos. so i created a carbon edit with an extra system.

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