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Streaming PC Games to RetroPie via Moonlight

  • Hey everyone,

    I've recently developed a handful of scripts that help RetroPie users stream games from their PC to their RetroPie setup. The goal of my project is to populate a custom console menu with individual games available for streaming, and to have those games compatible with meta data scraping.

    I've got an initial version here you can try out. Also, here's a screenshot after scraping meta data:

    alt text

    I'm posting here to get the word out, get feedback, and possibly get support for building themes. As you can see it is currently using the "Steam" theme which appears to be added to a few of the themes out there, but it's far from universally supported and is not quite reflective of where the games are actually coming from.

    A huge thank you to TechWizTime for his work in creating the origonal install and setup script for moonlight in RetroPie. I am building on his work and could not have developed this without following his example!

  • I was working on porting his script so that it could be used through RetroPie-Setup. I didn't make much progress on it as I got distracted by other things I wanted to work on more. I would suggest that would be the best way to go about this.

  • @zerojay that's a cool idea, I hadn't thought of that angle.

    I'm focused on making a single script that does everything i need and adding support for several of the more popular themes.

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