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SSH from MAC stop working

  • Hi
    Out of the box I was able to simply ssh via mac to retropie 3 with: ssh pi@retropie using mac terminal
    (retropie is connected to my router via wifi)
    (I cant see the mounted folder on my mac via finder (as I always did, so I know that retropie is in my networks and it is working)
    (I never ever had any problem with ssh)

    Yesterday it stop working !!

    I'm after 30-40 seconds I'm getting a "time out" message from my terminal.
    I know that ssh server is running on my retropie
    I checked and I know that the port is 22
    I tried different commands:
    ssh pi@RETROPIEIP (same error)
    ssh pi@RETROPIEIP -p 22 (same error)

    In desperation I removed the ssh server software and I reinstalled it
    -I removed all the files that contains the keys
    -I checked again and I can see that ssh server is running and the port is the default 22
    -I tried again from my MAC but I still have the same error!

    I don't know anymore what to do.

    any ideas?

  • @pemy Can you ping the Pi using the MAC Network Utility?

  • Hi
    Yes if I >ping the retropie ip from mac terminal I get the response
    Also As I mentioned I can access retropie also normally via finder (I can see the mounted folders)
    I know that the networks works and I can ping the retriopie with out any problem.

    I think is some problem related to the SSH configuration / security settings / keys?

    Any other ideas?


  • @pemy Is it possible that the IP address has changed and you haven't realised? Maybe Finder is using the hostname to connect rather than IP and therefore will still connect if it changes.
    Have you tried stopping and restarting the ssh service on the Pi? Do you have another device you can try connecting with, a phone, tablet or other computer?
    Just trying a few obvious things and I have never really used a MAC much so I can't really help you out as the issue seems to be on that end.

  • Global Moderator

    @pemy Did you configure any firewall on the PI ? Or on the MAC - can you SSH to another system, besides the PI ?

  • @jonnykesh
    I did stop and start ssh
    I did also remove the ssh and reinstall it
    the IP on the retropie is changed but I know the ip and even if I try to runfrom my mac:
    ssh pi@RETROPIEIP (same error)
    ssh pi@RETROPIEIP -p 22 (same error)

    @mitu I didn't configure any firewall on the retropie
    I didn't change any firewall configuration on my mac or my networks
    (ssh just worked few days ago and now is not working)
    the only thing that changed is probably the IP address on the retropie and my mac
    but that is normal with a dhcp system

    I'm not an expert on ssh (that is why I asked help) my intuition is that is something with the keys
    maybe the keys stored the hashing of the IP addresses and now that has change the key are invalid or something similar ???

    That is why I deleted the keys on my retropie (but still it is not working)
    Myabe I need to delete the keys on my mac as well?


  • @pemy Try deleting the known_hosts file in /home/pi/.ssh/

  • Global Moderator

    @pemy said in SSH from MAC stop working:
    Use telnet RETROPIEIP 22 and see if you get the SSH banner, you should get get something like

    Trying RETROPIEIP...
    Connected to RETROPIEIP.
    Escape character is '^]'.

    If you don't get that, then there's something in your network blocking the connection.

    If you run ssh localhost from the PI system, do you get a login prompt ?

  • @jonnykesh
    ok thanks
    I didn't try that ... I will as soon as possible
    Do I need to remove it from my mac? my retropie> or both?


  • @mitu
    tenet from my PI (command not found)
    i did try ssh localhost command from my PI
    I'm getting :
    authenticity of host localhost can't be established
    continue with connection?
    I type: yes
    and after that I'm getting:
    permanently added localhost to the list of known host

  • @jonnykesh
    I removed know_host from my mac as well
    I still have the same problem

  • @pemy
    ok guys
    find a solution thanks to you
    After removing the known_hosts from my mac (not from my pi)
    I used this command
    ssh pi@mypiIPaddress
    and I'm getting from my mac terminal:
    The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
    ECDSA key fingerprint is : "myfingerprinthashnumber"
    Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes

    and now I'm IN!!

    2 problems / questions

    if I try using the normal
    ssh pi@retropie
    it is not working whyyyyyy?? :)

    the problem is how to solve this issue with a dhcp server that change IP address all the time ?

    I think I'm getting this problem because the ssh security system takes into account my the IP of my mac (as identifier ??) so if I change the ip on the mac the ssh stop my mac to connect to retropie?
    is that the reason?

  • @pemy You may run into challenges using just a name like that, as names over IP typically need to be resolved via DNS. You might try ssh pi@retropie.local which seems to work consistently for me. Adding .local when trying to access machines on my local network from the Mac has worked for many devices on my network over the years.

  • @caver01 you are right
    using local works out of the box (now)

  • Global Moderator

    @pemy said in SSH from MAC stop working:

    I think I'm getting this problem because the ssh security system takes into account my the IP of my mac (as identifier ??) so if I change the ip on the mac the ssh stop my mac to connect to retropie?

    No, the message you got is because the IP address of the RetroPie has changed. This message appears every time you connect to a new IP address/Host and the (IP/Host, SSH Host Key) pair is different than what is recorded in ~/.ssh/known_hosts.

  • @mitu in this case he got the message because he deleted known_hosts on our recommendation.

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