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Raspberry PI 3 Ethernet problem

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with my Retropie/Raspberry. I flashed the SD card with the latest version.
    Only i can not get the ethernet to work,

    It gives me a ipadress of, so it can not find my DHCP server i think.
    I tried giving it a static IP adres

    i changed /etc/network/interfaces to iface eth0 inet static.

    and added the following to /etc/dhcpcd.conf

    interface eth0
    static ip_address=
    static routers=
    static domain_name_servers=

    but it does not change anything. Does anyone have any idea ?

  • @nextria is not a valid IP. I am assuming standard private IP addressing and your subnet is probably going to be so your IP should be

    As to why it's not giving you a DHCP, I have no idea. Have you tried another cable and port on your router?

  • @markyh444 hey, i tried that ipadres too, but it does not work either.

    I redownloaded the img, and flashed it to the sdcard but no luck.
    Also tried other cable and port, could it be my pi's ethernet is broken ?

  • @nextria maybe, have you tried configuring the WiFi? Do your other devices connect to the router fine and get assigned a DHCP address?

  • @markyh444 yes wifi works without any problem I also tried it now with rabian lite and is also not working.

  • @nextria I'd say dodgy LAN port or cable then.

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