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How to scrape missing ROMS? I've used multiple without success.

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to scrape some roms for the game images, I have a massive system with lots of ROMS that I've worked on for a while...

    I used Sselph's scraper to scrape some of my roms. I've also used the inbuilt emulationstation scraper. Still, loads of roms don't have their artwork. Any other ones I can use that will be successful?

  • @nicky_s14 Other scrapers are skyscraper and universal xml scraper A quick google should get you info on them and how to use.
    Failing that you could add the images manually. Obviously depending on the number. I do this for hacks and homebrew ROMS.

  • @jonnykesh , I've had good luck with Universal (mentioned above) and it makes it pretty easy to tweak some that might be missed.

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