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Can't run a MAME game on my retropie

  • I'm trying to run this game on my retropie. This is the version: DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label (2010/1/18 BLACK LABEL) ROM

    It's the first mame game that i try to run on retropie, i was able to run a old version of this game, but i'm interested on this one specifically, don't know if i need to get a newer version of a mame emulator or if retropie won't be able to run it by any means. Any helps or hints please? I wanna try all possible options to run it

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    @vahnxdean read the forum rules. Next infraction will result in a permanent ban.

  • @vahnxdean Play it on windows with mame or buy it from steam. That game requires a newer version of Mame and I highly doubt it's playable even if you did get it running on the pi.

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