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Pandora's box 4s heroes of the storm controller problem

  • Very new to this
    Have been having having issues with setting my joysticks has the controller I am attempting a project to include my raspberry pi into my Pandora's box but when setting up the controller the up direction won't respond, down will but right won't and left and the buttons respond ok. it seem its just two direction on the stick.
    I'm aware I have to instruct the raspberry that the USB is a duel joystick so maybe this is the problem but seems the problem is mirrored with the opposing stick .
    Watching instructions on this I don't see any mention of this issue but those projects do not use the same Pandora's box mine is heroes of storm a 4s
    Any help are advise were to look would be appreciated
    Many thanks in advance

  • @dematica
    Update to my problem I purchased a usb off brand Nintendo game had the same issue with the two directions no up no left
    Any help would be appreciated

  • @dematica
    Looking into problem
    Could any one tell me how to find my controller Id

  • @dematica
    Ok so any one having the same problem
    It’s only on RetroPie witch is a shame cause it’s just what I wanted to use . It apears that on Recalbox the joysticks work just fine .
    Still open to help if any one can point me in the right direction
    Found my joystick I’d
    Plug back in
    You can see the id

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