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How do I remove the country from each rom?

  • When I upload my roms, they have regions after them such as (Europe) and (Japan). I don't like it. I have thousands of roms - but how do I remove it off each one?


  • Remove the text before uploading..or gain access to your Pi by writing \ \ retropie in Windows file explorer and edit your files from there.
    Easiest way would be to scrape the roms and they will get renamed automatically.

  • You want to rename the roms to remove region, or remove the roms that are not of your region ?
    The first is basically not possible, because you can't have 2 files with the same name in the same directory :) You may batch rename them if you want, but can't simply remove the region.
    The second options is also feasible, but we would need more informations.

    Anyway, @BobHarris suggestion or scapping is the best way IMHO.


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