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Cannot exit Alsamixer with controller

  • Pi 3 w Retropie 4.3.9
    Controllers: Any

    From the main menu when I select "RetroPie" → "Audio Output" → "Mixer - adjust output volume" with my controller it launches the Alsamixer, from there I can only adjust the mixer levels with up/down. There doesn't seem to be any buttons on the controller mapped to "F6: Select sound card" or "Esc: Exit"(also "F2: System Information: but I don't really care about that one) therefore I am forced to plug in my keyboard, reboot the Pi through SSH, or use the connected power button to exit out of Alsamixer.

    It would be nice if we could edit the controller keyboard script to include these extra buttons (like binding [B] to Escape) and make Alsamixer more user friendly.

    Any ideas?

  • I just ran into this problem too....

  • @madmodder123 You can map any button even to scripts....
    Take a look here Midnight Joy - with this script you can operate with Midnight Commander


    ESC key should be keycode 0x1B if it's still ASCII rule

  • administrators

    Update RetroPie-Setup script - it should now map escape to button x so you can quit. Although I still recommend a keyboard for RetroPie-Setup configuration.

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