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Usb ports doesn't work on retropie but does eork on raspian

  • My raspberry pie 3 was working on retropie for a couple days. One day I was playing kingdom hearts birth by sleep on my raspberry pi 3 using a psp emulator on retropie until I was in the middle of a cut scene and my brother threw up a bit next to the retropie and like a drop of saliva got on the gpio and the controller stopped working and none of the usb ports seemed to work . For a couple days i was thinking that it was water damaged but then 2 days after i clean it using a tooth brush and rubbing alcohol to clean in case of any corrosion. The next day i try and reset it with raspian and next thing you know the usb ports start working the controller gets detected and the keyboard works unlike before. I reset the pi and get retropie on it and again the controllers stopped working. Do any of you know what could be wrong?

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    @alfon50 Something messed up the controller config. The RetroPie image is Raspbian underneath, it's not a separate OS in itself. I'd suggest you reset you controller config and re-configure them.

  • @mitu I can't config the controller because it won't detect my controller or a keyboard

  • @mitu wait i redownloaded raspbian and the ports stopped working there too

  • @alfon50 if it got on the gpio, did you lift up the black plastic and scrub under that too?

  • @edmaul69 no i did not but i will try and do that too and update you guys

  • @edmaul69 wait you can lift up the black plastic from the gpio? I wasnt aware i am new to raspberry pi

  • @alfon50 get a precision flathead screwdriver and start on one end. Slowly and carefully twist the screwdriver a little to get it to lift a little then move down a little and twist the screwdriver a little. Just keep doing that going back and forth until it is lifted of. Scrub both the board and the black plastic piece when its off with your toothbrush and 91% isopropyl alchohol.

  • @edmaul69 alright tnx guys i attempted this and it work :) tnx for the help guys i guess i didn't clean it well the first time

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