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Trouble setting 8bitdo to Player 2

  • Loving my Retropie and NES30 Pro. But I'm having trouble putting the NES30 Pro into Player 2. It insists on being Player 1. When I have a USB controller assigned as Player 1 (Port 0) while the NES30 Pro is off, everything works fine. When I turn on the NES30 Pro, it forcefully takes over Port 0, and moves the USB controller to Port 1. If I try to change the order in Joypad Order to (1, 0, 2, 3) at that point, then NES30 Pro is put into Player 2 but only as long as it's on. Once it's off, Port 1 goes blank, and USB controller goes to Port 0 again, but Joypad order is still (1, 0, 2, 3), meaning USB controller is now Player 2, and there is no Player 1.
    I'm running the latest Pie, NES30 Pro is on latest firmware.

    How do I fix this? How do I force NES30 Pro to remain in Player 2 forever?

  • just tried this using 2 USB controllers, no 8bitdo. No issues. So it's DEFINITELY the 8bitdo that's causing this.

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    @gumichan The 8bitdo controller does not assign itself the player #, it's the system that does the pairing (the Pi) who's doing that. Look up @meleu's joystick selection script, it allows you to configure the ordering of the gamepads.

  • @mitu thanks for the reply! I understand that it's Pi doing that, but what I don't understand is why is it doing it specifically with the 8bitdo? Is it because it's bluetooth?
    Thanks for the suggestion on Meleu's script! I'll give it a shot right now and hopefully this problem will be solved!

  • @mitu
    okay... I installed the script, got the script working, configured the controllers.
    I set the 8bitdo to Player 2, and USB controller to Player 1. Works ok so far.
    I disconnect 8bitdo controller, and USB controller stops working.
    I reconnect 8bitdo controller, USB still doesn't work, 8bitdo is now controlling Player 1 and Player 2, with obviously wrong key mapping. I use a keyboard to exit.
    I run the script again, everything gets fixed.

    Sooo.... I have to leave my bluetooth controller on, even if I'm playing a one player game... and if it disconnects, then I'm screwed.

    I looked at the readme file on @meleu's github, and it seems this is a known issue, not specific to 8bitdo, but bluetooth controllers. What can I do from here? :(

    edit: ugh... I read that last thing wrong... I've been at this for 6hrs, I'm tired. :(

  • still can't get it to work... my only solution right now is "don't use the 8bitdo forever."

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    @gumichan You mean 'don't use a wireless controller' ?

  • @mitu or that. I don't have any way to test a different wireless controller at the moment. But regardless, the problem is still there. If it's just wireless controllers in general, wouldn't there be more people running into this problem? I couldn't find any posts related to this.

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    @gumichan Are you connecting/disconnecting the controllers during gameplay when you do the testing ?

  • @mitu no, never during gameplay, only before launching.

    8bitdo forces itself into Port 0, while the joystick indexes port 0 as P1 and Port 1 as P2.

    Changing the indexes so P1 is Port 1 and P2 is Port 0 works until disconnect. Then the USB gets put back into port 0, but the index is still P1 is Port 1 and P2 is Port 0, meaning there's no P1.

    btw, this is only a problem in Retroarch. ES works perfectly fine no matter how I connect or disconnect the 8bitdo.

  • So I tried Meleu's script again, but this time turning on "By Name".
    Ports still change, but Meleu's script forcefully assigns the index the way I want it now, so it solves the problem! Just... don't get a controller with the same name, I guess...

    Again, thanks for suggesting his script!

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    @gumichan said in Trouble setting 8bitdo to Player 2:

    Again, thanks for suggesting his script!

    I thought you already did that but didn't work. Glad it worked, all credits go to @meleu.

  • Woohool!!

    Cheers guys!

  • @meleu thanks so much for making this script! I would be screwed without it! This should be added to the Retropie main builds! It's so useful!

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