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Cannot Configure Shoulder buttons (not recognized) / wrong configutration in Mario World

  • Hi,

    I have a H9 2.4 Ghz WIreless Keyboard with 2 SHoulder buttons and a touchpad.
    When I started retropie for the first time and started the controller configuration, I couldn't attach the "Left Shoulder Button" and "Richt Shoulder Button" to my shoulder buttons on my 2.4 ghz Wireless Device, they are simply not recognized somehow.
    MOreover, after configuring all the other buttons, Mario Worls shows a totally wrong configuartion.
    Anybody had the same issues? Can anybody help?


  • @sgehdn A quick google tells me that these send left and right mouse button input. These are not recognised by ES only keyboard inputs. Remap the keyboard in ES to fix your other issues.

  • Hi johnnykesh,

    thanks for your answer. yes, you're right, they're working as mouse buttons.
    As I'm a retropie/raspbian noob, could you please explain how to remap the keyboard in EMulationstation so that I can use these shoulder buttons ?


  • @sgehdn Sorry, my previous answer probably wasn't as clear as it could have been as I was being brief.
    You will not be able to use these shoulder buttons as input for ES or the VAST majority of emulators within RetroPie.
    Emulation Station has no mouse support. It only accepts keyboard inputs.
    Emulators will also not accept these inputs as consoles / arcade machines did not use mouse input.
    You may be able to use them in emulators such as DOSbox, ScummVM or other actual computer emulators that used an actual mouse.

  • Ok, thanks for your answer. Then I have to use my old PS3 Controller

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