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SCUMMVM screen size?

  • Anyone using scummvm that can tell me how to use full screen. Tried changing settings from the emulator menu before the game starts and also in the scummvm menu setting with no luck

  • Oh I almost forgot I found this cool mini keyboard that works well for scummvm games (as well as many other retropie emulators). The touchpad works great and I like the fact that it can light up when the room lights are off only $16 too.

    Mini Keyboard link here

  • No one else has this problem?

  • @mviars what do you mean by fullscreen? These games were originally in 4:3 aspect ratio so that is how they are displayed. Are you wanting to stretch them to fill a 16:9 display? Or is your issue something else?
    You really haven't been very clear nor have you provided any details of your setup. Not even a mention of your hardware.

  • @mviars Yeah, I am using SCUMMVM and getting back in to Riven after transferring my 5 CDs that dug out of an old box. It works great. Fullscreen is working fine but it does leave black borders on the left and right sides which I expected.

    I am using defaults for video and render, but messing with some of the scale settings yields interesting results for games like DOTT and Full Throttle. Some settings slow down the interface. I am basically using default and OpenGL.

    This works great with my 8bitDo bluetooth controllers too. Analog stick moves the cursor. Myst/Riven is pretty fun on the big screen and comfy chair!

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