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Lr-glupen? Does this still exist?

  • @dankcushions even after i just uninstalled and reinstalled mupen64plus and all games mupen64plus doesnt work at all for me. So im not sure what is wrong with the emulator.

  • I will also report better function and compatibility with the lb core compared to default. I really only care about Star Fox 64 and Mario 64 but the both work better with the old core.

    Star Fox has audio issues on both, but far worse with the stand alone core. It also has lower frame rate and graphical glitches.

  • @edmaul69 so I did some testing and I found at least one game that runs better with lr-mupen. Sarge's heroes 2. All three plugins just give me a black screen but lr-mupen will run it. Go figure. I had stopped testing games with it because it was always worse for me. I guess I will have to start trying it out again.

  • @quicksilver it used to be god awful. In super mario 64 half of mario was darker than the other half. One of the castle doors was darker than the other. Most games ran like shit. Then some update at some point in time changed all that. Now i can play a lot of games i never could on any emulator on the pi. I use a self powered usb hub on the pi so one power supply is dedicated to the pi 3 only and with no overclock they run pretty good and i hate video and audio lag so to me its a huge improvement.

  • @quicksilver banjo kazooie lags like hell on the standalone mupen64plus but runs fine on the libretro version for me.

  • @edmaul69 most of the games I have tested, the glide plugin seems to be the best (although I just found that 1080 is completely glitched out with glide but is great on the libretro version). But now you have convinced me to go back and try other games using libretro mupen. Its just strange to me that an older basically abandoned core can function better than a newer more up to date one. I have also found the compatibility lists to be of limited help as they are either way out of date or inaccurate.

    Anyway thanks again everyone for the info. I can now resume my quest of attacking windmills! I mean perfecting N64 settings...

  • @dankcushions said in Lr-glupen? Does this still exist?:

    @quicksilver no, it was abandoned. the last version was forked by retroarch/libretro and is now available as lr-mupen64plus. however, that also has effectively been abandoned...

    I did not know that. My take on lr-mupen64plus was that, like the Retroarch package itself, it was pretty up to date.

    I'm glad I've discovered this thread as I too had not tried lr-mupen64plus for a very long time. It ran very poorly in the past. However colour me shocked to discover it runs many titles better than the default plugins. Ocarina seems to run much better with lr-mupen64plus than with any of the built in options or defaults for example. Thanks for the heads up. :-)

  • @ranma for me mupen glide standalone still works better for me for most games. But there are some that lr-mupen works better. For OOT try the rice plugin, I get best results with it and can even run it it using the high-res option. For even better results try the master Quest version of oot. It runs even smoother for some reason.

  • To be honest the GlideN64 standalone is rough with many games for me, even with my slight overclock. And I really don't like the text over the image. I would have lived with it if performance was good, but for me it isn't.

    All that said, between all the plugins and settings etc., I am largely quite happy with N64 on the Pi. When you consider what's being done, it's pretty impressive and many games do work well.

  • @ranma looks like the fps counter is gone with the latest build from source. Maybe they figured it out and it's not needed anymore. Just know that if you update from source there is a chance there are new bugs.

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