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How do you make your marquee's?

  • Not sure if i'm not using the right term or i stink at searching.

    I'm to the part where i need to get my graphics for my cabinet build designed and printed. I was wondering what most people do for the marquee.

    Do you just have it printed on clear vinyl so the light can still illuminate it? If so, do you backprint everything with white ink first?
    Or do you use some other method?

  • @willie1280 the term is Marquee. For my cab I just created my image in PS and brought it to a local printer here in my town. Then I got some plexi cut to size and sandwiched my marquee between 2 peices of plexi. The side art I had done by GameOnGrafix.

  • The bezel is the (black or printed) border around the screen.

  • @celly Did you put a light behind yours? Most vinyl shops print on white vinyl, therefor i don't think the light will shine through. And alot of shops can't print white, so when they print color on clear it isn't completely opaque which might be to transparent once lit up.

  • @willie1280 yes I did with an LED strip. And i defused it with parchmant/wax paper and it worked perfectly.

  • @willie1280 I bought a graphic kit from mini arcade machines. My marquee is a sticker. I cut two pieces of plexiglass and sandwiched it between them and then did a border using some leftover T-molding with the spine part cut out.

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