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When in emulation, some hot-keys (or keys in general) no longer work

  • It's weird as some hotkeys no longer work at all.
    For instance, I can use hot keys to cycle through shaders, but can't actually exit the emulation or open the RGUI config.
    Sometimes pressing A and B together cause the emulation to exit, other times it doesn't.
    It doesn't matter what emulator I am in, and I have now tried updating everything, clearing input-configurations (through RetroPie setup and all configurations per each system), and nothing has fixed this.
    I first noticed when I loaded a PAL rom and had to get into the RGUI to configure it for PAL so it ran properly as having (E) in the file name didn't automatically detect that.
    I have multiple controllers that I will use, connecting them only as needed. Outside of emulation, everything works perfectly.

  • Never mind. Found out it's the recent update to RetroArch causing the issue. Re-installing the image without updating fixes the issue.

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