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Apparently the Chrono Trigger release on Steam is a terrible port.

  • It seems what they did is just port over the Android release and didn't really clean it up.

  • Thanks for the information :)
    Hopefully, the Nintendo DS port (that I have for many years) is near perfect :)

  • @sano It would have been easy to port the snes or PS1 rom to PC. But no they had to do it the unoptimized way.

  • @redbatman

    @sano It would have been easy to port the snes or PS1 rom to PC. But no they had to do it the unoptimized cheapest way.


  • Saw that exact same YouTube video too. ;-)
    Man, its a shame for that company. I got Final Fantasy 7 on Steam and its a near perfect port, even the framerate in the cutscenes are exactly (low) like on psx hardware. And then this port... It is not the first time, as in example Final Fantasy 6 port is also shitty mobile port. But I think the port of Chrono Trigger is even more shitty here. And its a shame, because those are the best rpgs the SNES had.

  • It would have been better if they just shipped the rom and an emulator like Higan instead of their crappy port.

  • The Nintendo DS version is the best one so far.

  • @rion Well it is essentially the PS1 version with reduced load times and new content so yeah. I'm fine with the Rom on my retropie though. But has anyone played the DS version on the pi?

  • Banned

    Check the reviews on the Secret of Mana "remaster". From all accounts the thing is worse in every possible way, and for the price they slapped on the thing you'd expect the full Seiken Densetsu series to be included. Squeenix is giving a great many players childhoods a rather rough treatment with these, and is losing customers. But probably raising a lot of interest in retropie for those wanting to relive the glory days!

  • I haven't played ct in like 20yrs, so I'll be replaying the snes version, this time with msu1 orchestra audio. I believe someone finished adding the ps1 fmv to it as well. It'll miss the bonus ds content oh well..

  • These remakes and ports are a quick cash grab aimed at aging nostalgic nerds. I have nothing against aging nostalgic nerds seeing that I am one, but these games serve no real purpose.

    The Secret of Mana remake is in the same category. It has the production costs nearer to a crappy mobile game, but priced at 40USD. No thanks.

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