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xBRZ shaders on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ w/ RetroPie?

  • Hey guys, I'm sure I'm posting something that everybody should already know the answer to, but I hope you can bear with a n00b for a moment.

    I built myself a RetroPie and am slowly getting to know how it works and all. One thing I noticed is that there's no xBRZ shaders, like I love them from RetroArch on my gaming PC.

    I'm guessing the Raspberry Pi 3 simply can't handle them? If it can, how would I go about installing them?

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    @mr-matt-eastwood Shaders and their resources are in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/shaders/. The same folder is shared via Samba at \\retropie\configs\all\retroarch\shaders. I don't know if the xBRZ shaders would work good enough on a Pi, but you can experiment with things.

  • Nice, thanks! I found the folder and put the shaders inside. I will give this a try when I'm near a screen with HDMI capabilities again (travelling atm) and report back.

  • For anybody who was wondering, this is a pretty hard no. :-/ The RetroPie pretty much freezes when trying to use those shaders.

  • Yes it's normal XBRZ is too heavy for a PI3 !

  • Hey everybody, I have a quick update for those who want xBRZ-like quality from the Raspberry Pi.

    I ended up working around this by replacing RetroPie with Lakka, setting the full-screen resolution there to 1280x720 and using the 4xScaleHQ shader (in the scalehq directory).

    Everything runs smooth, tried with numerous games on various platforms, including MDK on PlayStation 1. No lag in the menus either, and the image quality is fairly close to xBRZ (though, of course, you can still tell the difference). I am quite happy with this solution.

    Another nice shader you can try is scalefx-hybrid.

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