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Delays - Freezing throughout ES, and games.

  • Latest version of Retropie, ES, and RPi3 b+ (Using a External hard drive)

    When im scrolling through my game list (Comic Book, but this happens on all themes) ill get a random 2-3 second freeze. screen freezes for that length of time on any game list, and it wont happen again for about 30 seconds or until i stop scrolling and dont scroll again for 5 more seconds.

    This also happens every 3-5 minutes when playing PS 1 games. The game freezes for 3-5 seconds, and plays normally after. This happens rarely with other emulators.

    Is this because my External HDD is formatted on FAT32? I've copied my hard drive contents onto other external hard drives and formatted that as NTFS and never ran into this problem on it.

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    @red2blue said in Delays - Freezing throughout ES, and games.:

    Is this because my External HDD is formatted on FAT32?

    Unlikely, formatting shouldn't matter as long as Linux can read it. Looks more like the HDD has a seek/read latency that's perceivable when reading file(s) for the first time from it. What type of HDD is it ? Is it a SSD or a classic mechanical HDD ?

  • @mitu Its a Buffalo standard usb HDD.

    youre positive me formatting to to ext4 wouldnt fix this issue? i've read that EXT4 benchmarks 5x faster than fat32 in terms of accessing files stored on the actual drive. (im using 900GB out of 1tb, which makes sense for it to be slow, because its trying to read everything)

    this doesnt happen when i play only new games, it happens on games ive played countless times. and it also freezes while browsing game list

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    @red2blue If the problem is physical, then re-formatting will not bring in additional performance. You're free to save the data from the disk, format as Ext4 and re-try.

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