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Error parsing XML file

  • So I am totally new to this and tried reading up before posting but got a bit lost.
    I tried adding a new game to the Playstation and it seemed to cause a few problems, so I removed said game. Since this my SNES artwork and descriptions have all gone, everything seems to work ok but I get this now (see image)!0_1522144214518_IMG_6120.jpg
    I went to the file manager and to - emulationstation/downloaded_images/snes and all the jpgs are there.
    I know the forum rules state to post all the version info and all that, but I honestly haven't a clue how to find it. I think I cocked something up when putting on/taking off this game. I have tried scrapping but it will not save the information/box art.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot :)

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    Check if your SD card has filled up, looks like your gamelist.xml files are corrupted, but this shouldn't happen if you haven't manually modified them.
    Also, make an effort to answer the questions from

  • @mitu Thanks for the reply. I just checked the gamelist.xml for the SNES and it seems to be blank...I have no idea what I did or what happened. All the jpgs are there which is good, I guess I need to add the info to the XML file? Do you think it would work if I downloaded/found online a full SNES gamelist XML and copied the info in to my blank XML file?
    Sorry dude I think it is retropie version 4.3.16

  • @cristakis the SD card is full. You can see it says 100% use in your screenshot. Delete some stuff and regenerate the gameslists.
    Also at least try to make an effort to provide the info requested. It helps people to help you.

  • @jonnykesh Thanks for the reply. Ok so I totally didn't see that, I am not sure why it has suddenly gone to 100% full, It wasn't the other day. I have no clue what I must have done. I havent added anything to fill up space other than the PS game that I have now got rid of. I wouldn't know what to delete to make space. Also how would I regenerate the games list, is that the scrapping thing? Thanks a lot.

    I think it is retropie version 4.3.16

  • @cristakis yip, free up some space. Delete the corrupted files. Reboot, rescrape.
    Edit: i see the retropie list is there. You will need to reinstall the retropie menu from the packages in the setup script.

  • @jonnykesh Do you think there is a reason my card space has suddenly become totally full? The dodgy game was removed but didnt really free up any space. I havent added anything else to fill it up, hmmm.
    I dont really have any idea on how to reinstalling anything, what is the reason for reinstalling? Thanks dude.

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    @cristakis Scraping adds data to the card and if you also got videos with it, space gets filled up quickly.

  • @mitu Thanks again.

    So it seems to be solved now. I got rid of some games and made extra space, then I deleted the images already downloaded in the box art image folder - deleted the gameslist XML file for SNES & Playstation as that was being stupid too. Then I can run the scrapper and it recreates the gameslist file and adds the artwork again. Restarted and it seems to be there.
    My lesson from this, don't sod around with something if you aren't 100% sure what you are doing haha. Thanks for the help guys, it is most appreciated.

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    @cristakis As with every disk based system, you need to watch out for the available space. Strange errors happen when a disk is full or nearly full.

  • @mitu Very true, I keep my pc with plenty of free space...this is no different I guess. Cheers :)

  • I'm getting a similar error when shutting down but I have approximately 146 megabytes of free space...

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