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Raspberry pi 3 b + works? Mirrors?

  • Hi,
    I tried to get work retropie with official image from your side but I get only errors. So I used the image from this site
    [ ](link url)

    It worked well!! Gba roms! N64 have much laggs but I tried only once.
    In the first day, retropie setup worked but if I try to start retropie setup or another setup at the menu I get only black screen and nothing happen (wait 1h) , I did nothing, only playing and scratch some pictures.
    Someone can help me? And.. Someone know when will come out the official image to work 100% @ the 3 b +?
    Another question: I have a raspberry 1 b too on him retropie works good but the updates from every raspian/retropie mirror takes much hours! Same on the 3 b + (both connected with Ethernet cable) I'm located at Germany
    Sorry my english is terrible.
    Thanks a lot

  • Global Moderator

    If you're using the recently release 3B+ model, then use the image from Follow the installation instructions in the docs, then see if you still get problems.

  • @mitu How many times have you had to cut n paste that reply just today? ;)

  • @classicgmr I suggested it should be stickied in "Help and Support" as it is only currently stickied in "Ideas and Development".
    Hopefully one of the admins will stick it up there. It won't stop all the queries but it could stop a few.

  • @jonnykesh
    I think now that after 2 month of testing of the Stretch image (and 2 weeks of RPi 3B+ support) that it could become available for download on the official site.
    But it's all up to @administrators :)

  • @sano I'm sure it will go up when Buzz is satisfied it has been tested enough and is stable enough. There's no point jumping the gun on this, it'll only generate more queries if there are any remaining major bugs.
    Personally I would let people use the Beta image here and in a while we'll all know if there are any major issues.

  • administrators

    @jonnykesh well it is called beta for a reason ;)

    For all intents and purposes though I don't anticipate any major changes between beta and release so I don't see any issue with recommending the beta. Especially since it's the only image that works on the 3B+, and people should just be able to make any future updates through the setup script

  • @herb_fargus Oh yeah, of course. I think Sano was just keen for it to be posted on the Downloads page.
    My 3B+ gets here tomorrow. Not expecting a huge deal but looking forward to the dual band WiFi more than any other change.

  • Question, were do we report issues with images on this build? I know it for testing, but I have hit a couple of issues.

    1. When trying to lauch Kodi, it reboots.

    2. I am not sure if the image or the game, but under Gameboy, if you press A + B at the same time, the game restarts.

  • @jonnykesh
    Yes, I think providing the beta on the official site (the only source of retropie images for new users) could be a good idea, of course with a statement like
    If you're using a Pi 3B+, a Stretch based image is necessary. Here is a compatible beta/RC image of retropie, use it at your own risks, and please report eventual bugs on the forum. Final image coming soon
    It would (I think) avoid a lot of disappointment for new users with 3B+, as well as a big load of new similar topics here :)
    It could also involve more people in beta testing, and thus help to stabilize the image.
    Again, it's just my personal point of view.
    I use Stretch image for 2 months now without major issue, and I assure you I've seen a huge lot of far less polished commercial (and furthermore expensive) products hitting GA :)

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