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  • I was messing (removing non-working ROMs) and now I ended up with 2 files less in comparison to the gamelist.xml

    Is there a tool for windows to find out what's missing?

    Cheers :)

  • Hi,
    Are u wanting to compare two folders of ROMS or compare a folder against the XML file?


  • I need to compare a folder's content to an xml file. A tool like this exists for HyperSpin-specific xml files but it won't work with RetroPie's formatting.

  • Bump! There doesn't seem to be such a tool... would anyone be kind enough to help with a PowerShell script?

  • @matchaman If you didn't put very clear that you are looking for a tool for Windows, I would suggest my gamelist.xml cleaner tool, which is intended to run on the same system as your RetroPie.

  • @meleu Just for head-up... Did you ever plan to merge the changes @Kaltinril did to your script? The reason why I ask is... if you update the branch of Kaltnitril with u-parameter it will revert back to your script.

    @matchaman Try the script from meleu. This will search ROM-entries from gamelist and will search for ROM existance. If no ROM is found then entry from gamelist will be removed. Afaik the script will output ROMS that are not in gamelist.

    A windows solution....

    For a file comparisem use some fingertricks ;)
    Extract ROM names manually from gamelists.xml (Notepad++)

    1. Start notepad++
    2. Select menu Search -> Find
    3. Set Option "Mark Line"
    4. Now search for <path>
    5. Click again Search and expand "Bookmark" menu (one of the last option points)
    6. Select there "Delete Lines without bookmark"
    7. Then remove <path> and </path> tags
    8. Sort via ABC and save file to gamelist.txt

    no go to windows command
    Select ROM-folder with cd "y:\path\to your\roms"
    type command dir /b > roms.txt

    compare rom.txt and gamelist.txt via notepad++ diff addon

    Of course you can do a regex request on the gamelists.xml file, too ;)

  • @cyperghost merged, I completely forgot that PR :P


  • Thanks guys! Notepad++ did the trick for me. Most likely the most essential piece of software for windows for me :)

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