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Retropi 4.3 Roms/Emus not displaying

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am having some problems getting my psp emulator to show up. I have ppsspp (regular, not lr) installed, I have 2 roms, unzipped, in .iso format in the appropriate rom folder, parse gamelists is off, I have rebooted the system. Still not showing up. Other emulators/roms show up no problem. Any ideas?

    Pi Model or other hardware: pi 3
    Power Supply used: 2.5A
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.3
    Built From: retropie-4.3-rpi2_rpi3.img
    USB Devices connected: Ps3 controller, mouse, keyboard, USB Thumbdrive
    Controller used: Ps3 generic usb plugin
    Error messages received: N/A
    Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant): N/A
    Guide used: I followed initial setup guide found here on the retropie website
    File: N/A
    Emulator: PSP-(ppsspp)
    Attachment of config files: N/A
    How to replicate the problem: N/A

    I have been googling and searching the forums here, and everything I can find just says the if the parse gamelists setting is off, it should be showing up. I'm kind of at a loss. . . Any suggestions?

  • Global Moderator

    @lancerkain Post your ES log file, found in /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_log.txt. Should tell why the games aren't picked up. What's the name of the files you copied in the psp folder ?

  • I knew I was doing something obviously wrong, I just didn't know what. Upon going to go copy down the names of the files, found out it was a divided archive inside the original zip, so while I unzipped the files, I did not compile them from the archive. I feel really dumb, and apologize for wasting your time. Thank you for trying to help a sad nub.

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