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Button Delay SMB3

  • Hey all, I'm having an issue with one game in particular, super mario bros 3. There seems to be a delay in action after pressing a button, I can't find any other games that do this. I was wondering if there is a setting I can tweak. I have tried 2 different controllers and 2 different raspberry pi units.

    The current unit specs are:
    Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi3) Model B Quad-Core 1.2 GHz 1 GB RAM
    Retropie v4.3
    Built from the image on this site
    I am using the default NES emulator on both devices.
    Both controllers are wired, they are:
    XCSOURCE SNES usb controller
    TENETECH NES gamepad, usb

    I have tried 3 different ROMs and it is the same story every time.

    I play the game on my original NES and built a retropie for easy travel. It's very difficult to go from one to the other and try to adjust to the delay.

    Any thoughts? The only thing I haven't changed yet is the emulator but wanted to check with the people here before I go down that route.

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    Here are some tips for reducing input lag. You'll never get an emulation setup to completely match actual hardware, but you can improve things greatly. I just beat 'Super Mario Brothers 3' a few weeks ago and almost got a TKO on Tyson earlier today.

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