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Bug (solved): OMXPlayer on Stretch-based builds stutters on composite

  • I'm using a CRT TV in my office room above my PC monitor and when I game in the living room I connect it via HDMI, so I keep swapping composite and HDMI.

    For now I'll probably keep switching between local and HDMI but both had been very convenient until Stretch and the afore issues.

    The main problem is that I mostly use ES Kiosk mode because friends and relatives sometimes mess up my collections. Right now I'm between ALSA (and those slight hiccups) and manual switching each time.

  • @matchaman Got it.

    Definitely keen on seeing how it goes over at the omxplayer issue tracker.

  • @matchaman Just encountered this issue and posted here ( Will be looking into this tonight. After reading, I'm not sure if you did get things working on both composite and HDMI. That's what I'm after as well, and thus I noticed the composite-only stuttering / slowdown issue.

  • @matchaman So is audio_pwm_mode=0 the complete solution? Or is there another step related to tweaking OMX player?

  • My apologies for bringing this topic from the dead, but I'm definitely still having this problem and it's not really solved, just workaround solutions, and this is the most relevant place to ask about it. Also, I'm not using composite video and still see the issue. I'm seeing it on pi zero which has the same audio chip. The workarounds mentioned here do work for fixing it for me, when using emulationstation. I thought it must be a bug in ES, or in OMX player, but today I saw something that makes me think it's actually a raspbian issue. I was trying out Pegasus front end, and tried enabling hardware video acceleration by installing gstreamer1.0-omx and the exact same slow/stuttering/problematic video occurs. If I uninstall gstreamer1.0-omx and use software rendering for the same video, the issue goes away. I'm on a Pi zero. I have no idea how to switch the audio output away from "both hdmi and analog" when using gstreamer. It's been a problem on 4.4 and still on the latest 4.5.1 (which is what I'm using, stock 4.5.1 happens both with ES/omxplayer and Pegasus/gstreamer). I'm really puzzled why I can't find anyone else asking about this, probably because the workaround works for 99.99% of people who are using OMX player and ES. Any idea's how to achieve the same workaround for gstreamer1.0-omx ? (switching audio output device to Alsa HW 0,0 and having gstreamer avoid sending audio to both hdmi and analog?)

  • @SinisterSpatula interesting. I should have recalled this thread when I was running things on composite a few weeks ago but alas I didn't!

    It is indeed a Raspbian/OMX... quirk, let's call it?

    What worked for me was adding in


    to config.txt , which was also the suggestion here:

    See if it makes a difference.

  • @pjft thanks for the reply! Well, I just tried pwm_audio_mode=0, 1, and 2. For 0 and 2 they were both equally bad. I tried 1 also just to see, and it was slightly better than 0 and 2 but still slow/not real-time. I'm also seeing this error on the console ALSA lib pcm.c:8306:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred repeatedly, during the test play.

  • Sorry, I don't have a lot more ideas here, apologies. Does running standalone omx player result in the same stuttering?

  • @pjft No worries, with OMX I just don't do -o both and it works fine yes. If I use -o both then I have the same bug.

  • @pjft said in Bug (solved): OMXPlayer on Stretch-based builds stutters on composite:

    Does running standalone omx player result in the same stuttering?

    Absolutely! And yes, this issue remains unsolved.

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