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HDMI output is blank, if connected to HD PVR Rocket recording hardware [solved]

  • Edit: It works now, never mind. Below posting is a description of my setup now. I installed the newest available firmware and don't know what the problem was before.

    I have attached a recording hardware, which worked (used it several years before on a pc) and still should. It gets HDMI input signal and records this to USB drive and at same time, it pass through (no input lag, tested this with some Street Fighter 4 player on console) the signal to monitor. Booting up RetroPie (which is working fine, tested it directly on monitor) I can hear the sound through 3.5mm audio jack, but screen stays black. That PVR device says (blue blinking) that there is no signal. What can I do now? I tried hdmi_safe=1 from page, but didn't help. I will try some settings now, but if someone have any idea, then please tell me. I want do record some play footages for those games I don't got scrape data and maybe some highscore recordings too, for MAME ROW. ;-)

    The recording device: HD PVR Rocket
    It can handle up to 1080p/30Hz without the need of any pc, if I am not mistaken.

    I play at 720p/60Hz. I am not sure if the device can handle 60Hz, but even since boot it is blank. I tried
    for 1080p 30 Hz output of Pi3, but still blank screen. Anyone any idea?

    Pi Model or other hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 B (no plus)
    Power Supply used: Original from Raspberry PI Foundation, 5.1V 2.5A
    RetroPie Version Used : latest... no joke. :D 4.3.x
    Built From: Official from this webpage, don't remember filename, it was from start of February this year
    USB Devices connected: 2 snes gamepads, 1 arcade stick and 1 wireless adapter for mini keyboard

    I also tried in /boot/config.txt:
    for some safe settings and 1080p/60Hz signal, which the recording hardware should be able to "read". It just records in 30Hz I believe, but it should handle the output of 1080p/60Hz I believe.

    I used my graphics card under Linux as HDMI to the PVR hardware. Linux find the correct name Hauppage HD PVR Rocket and connects as 1080p/60Hz monitor. But that device still "says" that there is no connection. I don't know what to do now, maybe its broken. I give up on this, doesn't seem to Raspberry Pi related issue.

  • it works!
    I just want to say this works now. I can finally record how I play on this thing, which just refused to work before. I installed the newest firmware and tried it again. But since April (we have December now) a lot of things changed since then. If the above posting is a bit confusing, here is a brief explanation. I just have to switch a single HDMI output to be able to record.

    The PVR Rocket is a portable device to record from any HDMI source up to 1080p30 or 720p60 to a usb drive. I usually use my RetroPie system with my old crt pc monitor at 640x480p. It is connected with a HDMI to VGA converter and all boot and emulator settings are optimized for that. The recordings are saved at 640x480p at 60 fps.

    • Recording: The HDMI output from Raspberry Pi is connected to the input at PVR Rocket. Then the PVR Rocket have also an 0 delay pass through HDMI output, which is connected to my final monitor. A single button press starts the recording and a second press stops it whenever I want.
    • Playing without recording: The HDMI output from Raspberry Pi is connected to a VGA splitter. That VGA output is connected to my final crt pc monitor. To get sound, the VGA splitter will output 3,5mm audio jack.


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